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  • Fast: don't wait during Months to get the full graph.
  • Easy: we handle the technical complexity.
  • Usable: get the raw data in a format you are familiar with.

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For the technical people

Tribalytics raw is aimed at people with technical skills willing to perform their own analysis directly on the raw data:

  • data scientists
  • market researchers
  • academics
  • #sna geeks
Non-technical people would prefer our main product Tribalytics, to get an audience analysis report.

Straightforward graph extraction

Tribalytics raw provides you the followers or friends graph of the twitter account(s) you are interested in. Tribalytics raw takes the pain of doing the graph extraction out of your hands.


Twitter API's follow graph endpoints (friends/ids and followers/ids) are heavily rate-limited (15 requests per 15 min. window), which make extractions last very long (weeks, Months, according to the audience size). It is likely that part of the graph you want is already cached in our database. Moreover, we have tuned our extraction engine to make the most out of twitter API's rate limits.


Twitter graph extraction is further complexified by the many possible error codes the API returns, and periodic downtimes. Our extraction module has been heavily tested to handle the edge cases.

Nodes and edges

We provide you with the degree 1 or degree 2 directed graph of twitter followers and/or friends of a given account.

Our graph files are compatible with Gephi and NodeXL.

The following metadata is included by default: name and screen name, description, location, language, website, creation date, profile image url,friends count, followers count, favourites count, listed count, verified, protected and time zone.

Connections from/to protected accounts are not included.

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