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Market Segmentation

Communities relevant to your business

Tribalytics identifies the consistent affinity group forming an audience, and shows you a summarized profile for each of them. Find out the part of your followers that actually matches with your customers target, get insights into their demographics and interests.

With this better understanding of your market's social media activity, you are able to enhance your campaigns' strategy, and obtain a far higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Influencers Marketing

Industry influencers

Your social campaigns are successful when they get viral within the right target. For this, you need to know the people that have the highest reach within our target audience, as they are the key to the spreading of the message.

Tribalytics features a powerful twitter graph search feature letting you identify the relevant industry influencers, and take actions to engage with them.

Competition Monitoring

Competition monitoring

Compare your audience with your competitors’ and follow their evolution.

Discover your potential and act. We show you the communities highly engaged with your competitors, but not yet with your brand. With the list of influencers of your competitors, you'll get able to reach these new segments.

Market Segmentation is a time-consuming task no matter how you slice it.

Tribalytics speeds up the process considerably by segmenting Twitter followers into meaningful groups and allowing you to cut directly to the analysis.

It's one of the coolest new tools in my toolbox.

Mike King, Digital Marketing Consultant - iPullRank
Mike King, Digital Marketing Consultant

Tribalytics has soon become one of those tools I cannot stop using.

Gianluca Fiorelli, SEO Strategist

The most important people to follow are not always the ones you would think at first. Tribalytics help you to identify and connect with the true opinion leaders in your market.

David Hachez, CEO & Co-founder - GetSmily
David Hachez, CEO & Co-founder

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